Price Tracking Website!


So one day I had this epiphany…. what if there was a website that could track prices of things you need!!!!  I thought I was on to a business idea…. until I googled it… and a bunch of websites do just that.

They differ in what results they give you.  For example, is based on brands.  You can select what brands you like, what you are looking for (e.g. shoes, coats etc.), and your size while will track and alert you of a price drop.

I however, don’t really care about brands.  I mainly shop Old Navy for my clothes because in my tiny town, there is an Old Navy, which has awesome clearances and it isn’t Walmart (which is pretty much my other choice for frugal shopping). So even though I really like how the website is set up, doesn’t really appeal for my needs.

Then I found pricepinx. The way it works is that you save pricepinx in your tool bar as a bookmark.  When you find something that you want like furniture, fans, or a pair of pants, you highlight the price and click the !pinx logo in your bookmark tool bar.  Pricepinx will then track that price and email you when that price drops!

I tried it with Old Navy’s children’s jeans.  I know about their annual back to school sale in August where the price of their jeans are cut in half.  So I highlighted the price, clicked the bookmark and sure enough when the price had dropped I received an email with the price reduction notification.

To be honest, I don’t care for the lay out of the pricepinx website but it works.  We are in the market for a new refrigerator, couch and dining room table… but we won’t buy unless the price is absolutely RIGHT— ! And this website will let me know when what I like is on sale…  check out some of these sites:

Let me know if you find other ones!


Last Minute Vacation? Does That Make “Cents”?

Sorry about the post lapse….  I had a last minute vacation to Montreal….

My husband travels from time to time for work and two Saturday’s ago, he was headed to Montreal with a co-worker for a trade show.  However, he found out Friday morning that his co-worker was not going to be able to make it because of a death in the family.

My husband and I talked throughout the day a couple of times and a week by himself at a trade show seemed like doom… so we joked and said that I should go.  Well, by 2:30pm I had a ticket, and by 5:30pm Friday I was headed for a 6 hr drive to drop the kids off at grandma’s in order to catch a 6am flight Saturday morning.

My trip was Saturday to Friday and it was just the relaxation that I needed.  My husband worked the trade show and we saw the sites and city at night.  I got a break and some R&R, my husband didn’t have to go solo, and it was a week of date nights!

But how much did it cost?

I am sure you know last minute flights are costly… and it was $1200 for my flight…. however, my husband has enough frequent flyer miles to buy a small country (due to work) so for us it was actually 20 dollars in our pocket.  See we had booked a FFQ flight to Singapore for me in October, which the taxes on it were 80 dollars… so I pocketed 20 from the cancellation (he’s a platinum status member so the cancellation is refunded).

What about spending when we were there?  We didn’t actually pay to do much.  We saw the Notre Dame Bascillica, and did some paddle boats a total of $40.  We hit the local grocery store to buy food for breakfast and lunches which was another $40.  Also, there was my cab ride back to the airport another $40.   So that is $120 for me to accompany my husband plus the $120 in gas to get to grandma’s house and back.

Total spent: $240. Not bad for a last minute trip!

Granted this was a work trip so his meals, hotel were and transportation were paid for. Because of his travel for work, I had an airline ticket for pretty much free…I am well aware this situation doesn’t work for everyone.. in fact it doesn’t work for most people out there.

But I will say that we didn’t pay to do extra since we didn’t have extra to spend… and we were still able to enjoy being some where else… It doesn’t have to be a vacation in a different country… heck I could have driven six hours east and paid about the same if I wanted to do camping or a cheap air BnB place.

I will mention though, I didn’t have an extra $240 budgeted for August! This month will be interesting and a bit tight with addition to the random trip that school is starting this month, my son’s birthday next week (in which he just informed me that he wants a birthday party) and I am having surgery at the end of the month.  We’ll see how it goes.


A Family Thanksgiving!? Without a Dining Room Table!?

Last year we bought a house.  It is a 1980, 2700 square feet home in more mature and safe neighborhood.  The only way we could afford such a place was that it was NOT updated.

We found out that just basic things were done to the home like new carpet, paint etc… but there is still what my kids call a “yellow” bathroom full with a yellow tub, sinks and toilet (which now has a white toilet seat with it since Walmart doesn’t produce the mustard yellow ones anymore).

So the house has been great for my family, but going from a 1400sq ft town home to 2700 sq ft has left some rooms empty like my formal dining room.


100_1443 100_1444


My dining room has a hutch, which is filled, a nasty ugly chandelier, and my beautiful African women painting that I bought at Ross a couple of years ago.  It’s my favorite piece of artwork that I own.

Anyway, last week my in-laws mentioned that most of my husband’s family (parents, aunt, cousins, siblings and their children) might come for thanksgiving this year….  Most of our family is at least a 6+ hour drive away and we only see them all once or twice a year.

We thought, “Oh cool, we typically are the ones who drive over. It would be fun for them come here.”  (It probably makes a huge difference that we actually have room for people now when they come and visit)

Then we thought….. well wait we don’t have a dining room table, nor do we have sitting space to accommodate all those guests!!!

Maybe NOW is the time for a dining room table, and our sectional!

My husband and I talked about it for a bit… but ultimately came to the realization that we don’t have an extra $2500 for a sectional or a dining room table!

Solution?  Well, we could set up our folding plastic table in the dining room and do Thanksgiving buffet style… OR I did find a bench table that would be great in our breakfast nook.  We could then move our kitchen table with leaf into our dining room and cover it with a nicer table cloth.

The bench table solve our tiny breakfast nook problem, our not wanting to spend all that money now problem, AND would give us a table in our dining room…. (if for nothing else the table would make people walk around the chandelier rather than straight into it.)

Yup it won’t be pretty…. but we’d rather put that “$2500” toward paying down our home than furnishing a dining room. The kids are still young and well, I don’t want to buy something expensive that if it got scratched or “kid marks” on it that I would get mad about.

20 Shirts for 80 Dollars

The new school year is right around the corner!  I can’t believe summer is almost over!!!

With the new school year comes lots of back to school sales.  The sad thing about my town is that it is small…. There’s a Macy’s, Walmart, Old Navy and Ross… other than that there aren’t any choices for kids clothes.  Not to mention kids go to school with the same clothes as other kids because, well, that’s all my little town has!

Typically, we make a trip to Seattle to go shopping for school clothes.  However, this summer we have two people having surgery in our household, so we are not going anywhere this year.

Walmart is typically hit and miss for clothes, our Ross is picked through, and I only shop the clearance rack at Old Navy unless their jeans are on sale (their jean sale comes in August).

So I looked online for kids t-shirts.  I simply typed into Google’s search engine,  “cheap boys t-shirts.”

One of the first links was for Children’s Place.  I clicked it over to a tab to get to later, because really Children’s Place is WAY out of my budget normally…. normally… but not this day.

I eventually went back to Children’s Place and found that their t-shirts were on sale for $5 each and if you spent over  $75 you’d get free shipping!  I thought that was a good deal since I hadn’t found any clearance items for my son yet.  My plan was to spend the full $80 and then have a good supply of shirts.

My kids had their first taste of online shopping that day.  I think they liked it… at least they acted excited.

I went to check out, but before submitting my order, I looked online for a coupon code… and behold, there was a 30% off sale!  I had missed it being advertised on their website when I first started looking, but when I searched google for the coupon code, it came right up!

I added the code and my bill dropped dramatically…. I called the kids back up and we shopped for more shirts!

In the end I paid 80 dollars (ok it was really 84 something at the end with tax) and am getting 21 shirts!  Not too bad.  It came to around 3.50 per shirt!  That’s that’s a second hand store price- and these are brand new.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about my buy.