August- Ray Dalio’s Principles

If you don’t know who Ray Dalio is, he’s a self made BILLIONAIRE.  I won’t get into his background but here’s the link if you want to know more about him.

I found out about Dalio sometime in July when my husband found his “How the Economic Machine Works” youtube video.  My husband, Brady, sent me the link and suggested we bookmark it for our kids to watch at a later date.  I thought, “yeah, right… a basic economics video that a teenager would understand?  I couldn’t understand Econ 101 in college…”  so skeptically I watched a bit of the video.  It turns out that it was simple enough for my little pea sized brain to understand!  I loved it!

At the time I didn’t know who Dalio was so I googled his name.  I read the brief on him on Wikipedia and thought he had a pretty incredible journey.

I went back to Google for a little more info about the guy and toward the top of the search results I ran across a 123 page PDF file called “Principles.”

Turns out that besides the free video Dalio had created, he also wrote a 123 PDF file on his Principles: Life principles and management principles.

I downloaded the file and read the intro.  I was hooked!  I forwarded the PDF to my husband and said we MUST read this.

Overall, it was a very, very, very fantastic read.  One that I am going to revisit yearly.

His goal setting section or “Part 2” introduced me to the root of my problems that hold me back from attaining my goals.  It was really difficult to look at what characteristics I have that are the root of not achieving what I want.  Fear, selfishness, and being disorganized are some of my root problems.  Dalio says that looking at the truth that holds us back will allow us to critically solve and address these issues.  Now this wasn’t (and still isn’t) a fun task but I have noticed how much it helps me move forward on my goals instead of backward or stagnant.  We have all heard how to lay out goals and set them but to actually achieve them when we fall short of obtaining what we want is something I had never heard of.  I was enlightened by the way that Dalio addressed the issue.

Dalio’s management section was enlightening even though I am a stay at home mom.  In the future I doubt I will use it a whole lot unless I work in a “work” setting, but for those who are managers or do work at a company, I’d highly recommend the read.   My husband is enjoying it.

Basically, it was a great read.  It is printed and on my shelf.  I think it will be a once per year read… or at least the first two sections will be.  I am hoping to continue my goal setting and evaluating each week as outlined in Dalio’s Principles.  I feel like I now have some of the key tools that I need to get what I want out of life.

Check out Dalio’s PDF file here. At least it’s free!


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