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So my husband read a bio about someone really rich or someone who was really good with money… I can’t remember who it was (but when I remember to ask, I’ll let you know).  One thing that this man did was that he read one non-fiction book per month.  Essentially, this fairly successful individual,  was always learning.  He must have understood that he didn’t know everything- even though most of us “commoners” think these people are already really smart.

After my husband told me that, I thought… hey… how cool would it be to read a non-fiction book per month!  I really love to read so I read 1-2 novels per month (I just finished reading 9 John Grisham books and am reading the Vince Flynn series about the CIA agent, Mitch Rapp– which I could go on and on about they’re so good!) but non-fiction books seem so boring….

Anyway, I thought I’d share my insights here about what I am reading to hold myself accountable for following through with my goal.  Please feel free to give suggestions to good books that have helped you (or good novels cause I love a good novel- no romance though- can’t deal with those)



4 thoughts on “My Reads

  1. Hi Laura,

    Let me suggest “The Millionaire Next Door” and “The Millionaire Mind,” which are probably what your husband was reading. For fiction but with a message, see “The Fountain Head” and “Atlas Shrugged,” or just read a newspaper since those books are happening right now in the US. Also read “The Tipping Point.” Good books to learn finances are Dave Ramseys “The Total Money Makeover,” “One Up on Wall Street,” and “Do You Want to Make Money, or Do You Just Want to Fool Around?”


      • We’ve read the Total Money Makeover. It’s a good one. It definitely helped with getting out of debt! I’ll have to look up some of the other ones you suggested! I am almost done with my October book- which isn’t about finances at all- and have been thinking about November’s. Thanks for the suggestions!


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