Free Shipping at Children’s Place and Target!

I have been on the hunt for a pair of snow boots.  My eldest needs a new pair this year as his sisters are moving up in sizes and well, his feet are getting larger.

I wasn’t able to score any snow boots last year at the end of winter clearances in February (although in north Idaho that is still very much winter…) so here I am paying more for a pair of boots than I did last time I bought some.

As I looked online and even on ebay and craigslist for used boots- I found that Target and Children’s Place have some good sales right now.  However, the kicker is the free shipping! And it’s not free shipping on $50 or more- it’s really free shipping….

I had an issue with buying used boots for 15 dollars when shipping is at least 5 dollars or more on top of that.  I purchased boots this morning from Children’s Place, BRAND NEW, free shipping for 25 dollars after tax.

Check it out….



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