Save Big $$ Now!


It is time for stores to clear out their summer inventory!  This means big savings for those who can think ahead to next year!

Now is when all of the summer clothing racks are cleared out.  Even clothes, that you swear you never saw during the summer season seem to make it on racks and at much reduced prices!  Sometimes I’ve found shorts for as little as $1 and not because they are a bogus brand, but because I wait until the right time to buy it.

You need some new items for your summer activities?  Swimsuits? Inter tubes for your boat? Gardening supplies?  Lawn mowers!?  See if you have any extra cash and start looking at your local stores and try to anticipate what you need next year during the summer.

If you are a frequent shopper, do realize that in a week or two (especially when we get closer to Halloween when (ironically) Christmas items start sneaking on the shelves) those summer items might be found at an even greater discount- but then you could run the risk of the items not being there.

So over the next week really think about what you might be in need of next summer and see if you can find it now!  It will save you lots!


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