Free Shipping at Children’s Place and Target!

I have been on the hunt for a pair of snow boots.  My eldest needs a new pair this year as his sisters are moving up in sizes and well, his feet are getting larger.

I wasn’t able to score any snow boots last year at the end of winter clearances in February (although in north Idaho that is still very much winter…) so here I am paying more for a pair of boots than I did last time I bought some.

As I looked online and even on ebay and craigslist for used boots- I found that Target and Children’s Place have some good sales right now.  However, the kicker is the free shipping! And it’s not free shipping on $50 or more- it’s really free shipping….

I had an issue with buying used boots for 15 dollars when shipping is at least 5 dollars or more on top of that.  I purchased boots this morning from Children’s Place, BRAND NEW, free shipping for 25 dollars after tax.

Check it out….



Why An “Extra” Fund is as Important as the “Emergency” Fund



In the world of money management it is important to have an “emergency” fund.  This is pretty well Whether you are getting out of debt, saving, or investing, we all need a certain stockpile of cash to go to when something happens.  Maybe there is a trip to the ER, a leaky shower, or some sudden car work that needs to be done (all occurred to us this year).  Even though the expenses weren’t planned, we had enough “go to” or “emergency” cash to cover those sort of emergencies.

In living a frugal sort of life, it is smart to have an “extra” fund as well.  It doesn’t have to be as big as the emergency fund, nor should it be, but it should be a fund that you can contribute a little each month to.

Now what’s the purpose of the “extra” fund?

The extra fund would be the cash you pull from when you find something that is at an incredibly good deal, that isn’t budgeted for.  For example, my kids needed more storage for their rooms.  At Walmart last week, I saw that 3 drawer bins were on sale for 8 dollars each when they are regularly 12 to 15.  Each of my 3 kids needed one.  Although, they were all blue, I was able to spend 24 dollars on 3.  However, if I didn’t have the “extra” fund, my budget would be thrown off for the month.  Where that might be doable to borrow 24 dollars from the food budget, when you’re in the market for a couch or something that is more than you can float from one fund to the next.

Next time you are revamping your budget, consider the extra fund.  It allows you to budget for those things you are looking for.




Saving Money on Snacks


I hate opening crackers in the pantry because there is only so long that they can stay there until they go stale.

A lot of times I find something like Teddy Grahams on sale or my son’s favorite flavor of Cheeze-its on sale, but my kids don’t want to eat the whole box over the course of the week.  The opened bags though can lead to staleness.  That staleness results in me throwing the last quarter of the box away.  I mean who would eat mushy teddy grahams anyway?

In order to combat the nasty staleness of opened and forgotten crackers, I go through my cupboards before my grocery shopping day.  If I find a mostly eaten box of something, I get out sandwich bags and divide the crackers into 3 (if possible) bags.  Sometimes I find more than one box of crackers open and I will also add those to the sandwich bags.  This creates what we call in our house a “snack bag” and viola, afternoon snacks are made and stored in a place that I can quickly grab and go with them.

So why has this been helpful?

The zip-lock feature of those wonderful sandwich bags keeps the snacks fresher longer!  Which means less waste- and full value for the money I spent on that snack.  It also eliminates the stress of finding snack before soccer, dance or whatever.  Plus, I save because I am not buying ready packaged snacks!  We just create our own.  And when I am on top of keeping up on the snack shelf.  My life gets easier and I keep more $ in my pocket.

Save Big $$ Now!


It is time for stores to clear out their summer inventory!  This means big savings for those who can think ahead to next year!

Now is when all of the summer clothing racks are cleared out.  Even clothes, that you swear you never saw during the summer season seem to make it on racks and at much reduced prices!  Sometimes I’ve found shorts for as little as $1 and not because they are a bogus brand, but because I wait until the right time to buy it.

You need some new items for your summer activities?  Swimsuits? Inter tubes for your boat? Gardening supplies?  Lawn mowers!?  See if you have any extra cash and start looking at your local stores and try to anticipate what you need next year during the summer.

If you are a frequent shopper, do realize that in a week or two (especially when we get closer to Halloween when (ironically) Christmas items start sneaking on the shelves) those summer items might be found at an even greater discount- but then you could run the risk of the items not being there.

So over the next week really think about what you might be in need of next summer and see if you can find it now!  It will save you lots!