Is It Really A Sale?? A Closer Look into Special Sales and Black Friday


I mentioned in an earlier post about benefits of reward programs such as Old Navy’s Super Cash (This post has nothing to do with furniture).  I try to use those coupons because it essentially is a large savings… at least in theory.

However, it isn’t.

On September 8th, I used my Old Navy Super Cash.  The deal was if you spend 75 dollars, you get 30 dollars off your purchase.  Well we needed jeans (we being my husband and I).  Here’s how it priced out.

4 pairs of jeans x 30 dollars each = $120

$120 – $30 Super Cash = $90 dollars for four pairs of jeans.  So that’s about $22.50 per pair of jeans.  Really not a bad deal.


However, last week on September 17th my mom was visiting and wanted to get some jeans.  So we went to Old Navy.  Jeans were on sale that day for $19.99 each!

If I had waited and bought the jeans when they were twenty dollars and foregone the Super Cash…

4 pairs of jeans X $20= $80

I would have saved 10 dollars!!!


One of the only times we took part of Black Friday shopping we bought our kids some legos thinking they were not going to be on sale again before Christmas.  When two weeks later, still before Christmas, we saw the SAME legos on at an even better price than we saw on Black Friday!


This year I am going to experiment with Black Friday.  I am going to track prices for 3 items from the beginning of November until Chrismas and see when the prices really are cheaper!  If there’s something you want me to track, please suggest something in the comments!


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