5 Ideas for a Frugal Date Night


Date nights are so important in romantic relationships.  Both partners need to be able to connect in an uninterrupted way, shape or form every once in a while (hopefully more regularly than not).  Most people would agree with me when I say this one on one time is vital to these types of relationships.

However, for those who are cash strapped, dates are overwhelmingly expensive.  Throw in babysitters into the date night tab and your “normal” date cost can easily double.  However, date nights don’t have to be the typical dinner and a movie…

Here are five ways to curb date night costs:

1.  Stay Home–  You don’t always have to leave the house for a date.  A date can be any sort of quality time together.  One of my favorite dates is staying up late (way after the kids have gone to bed) and watching a movie or T.V. series with my husband.  We make a deal to swap naps/sleeping in times the next morning.  No sitter needed, the rental for the movie is fairly cheap.  Throw in some home made junk food, like homemade jalapeño poppers, or chicken wings and you’re good to go.

2.  Sitter Swap-  If you have kids, I hope you have friends with kids.  A lot of times people in the same set of circumstances in life get a long real well and kids seem to fall into that category.  We have friends who have three kids like us and we swap babysitting.  On Monday, we dropped our kids off at their house and had a small date.  Next time it will be our turn to watch the kids.  But this way we aren’t paying for a babysitter and are able to help out a friend as well.

3.  Take-Out-  If you have to eat out, try to-go instead of sitting down at a restaurant. Take out is less expensive than eating in.  First there’s no tip and second, you seem to order less for a “to-go” order, which also saves money.  Most restaurants accommodate to-go orders.

4.   Cut out the Booze-  Alcohol is expensive and even if you are planning a romantic evening, try to forgo the wine.

5.   Something Free-  When we do our date swap with our friends, we don’t want to go and spend a lot on an activity.  Most of the time we end up chatting and taking a walk.  It’s great exercise and it’s free!  Communities sometimes have free events that you can always check out.  Some other free ideas include taking a hike, playing Frisbee golf, or taking a bike ride, to name a few.


It’s important to have your date nights, but the real satisfaction is having your date nights while meeting your financial goals as well!





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