Price Tracking Website!


So one day I had this epiphany…. what if there was a website that could track prices of things you need!!!!  I thought I was on to a business idea…. until I googled it… and a bunch of websites do just that.

They differ in what results they give you.  For example, is based on brands.  You can select what brands you like, what you are looking for (e.g. shoes, coats etc.), and your size while will track and alert you of a price drop.

I however, don’t really care about brands.  I mainly shop Old Navy for my clothes because in my tiny town, there is an Old Navy, which has awesome clearances and it isn’t Walmart (which is pretty much my other choice for frugal shopping). So even though I really like how the website is set up, doesn’t really appeal for my needs.

Then I found pricepinx. The way it works is that you save pricepinx in your tool bar as a bookmark.  When you find something that you want like furniture, fans, or a pair of pants, you highlight the price and click the !pinx logo in your bookmark tool bar.  Pricepinx will then track that price and email you when that price drops!

I tried it with Old Navy’s children’s jeans.  I know about their annual back to school sale in August where the price of their jeans are cut in half.  So I highlighted the price, clicked the bookmark and sure enough when the price had dropped I received an email with the price reduction notification.

To be honest, I don’t care for the lay out of the pricepinx website but it works.  We are in the market for a new refrigerator, couch and dining room table… but we won’t buy unless the price is absolutely RIGHT— ! And this website will let me know when what I like is on sale…  check out some of these sites:

Let me know if you find other ones!

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