Last Minute Vacation? Does That Make “Cents”?

Sorry about the post lapse….  I had a last minute vacation to Montreal….

My husband travels from time to time for work and two Saturday’s ago, he was headed to Montreal with a co-worker for a trade show.  However, he found out Friday morning that his co-worker was not going to be able to make it because of a death in the family.

My husband and I talked throughout the day a couple of times and a week by himself at a trade show seemed like doom… so we joked and said that I should go.  Well, by 2:30pm I had a ticket, and by 5:30pm Friday I was headed for a 6 hr drive to drop the kids off at grandma’s in order to catch a 6am flight Saturday morning.

My trip was Saturday to Friday and it was just the relaxation that I needed.  My husband worked the trade show and we saw the sites and city at night.  I got a break and some R&R, my husband didn’t have to go solo, and it was a week of date nights!

But how much did it cost?

I am sure you know last minute flights are costly… and it was $1200 for my flight…. however, my husband has enough frequent flyer miles to buy a small country (due to work) so for us it was actually 20 dollars in our pocket.  See we had booked a FFQ flight to Singapore for me in October, which the taxes on it were 80 dollars… so I pocketed 20 from the cancellation (he’s a platinum status member so the cancellation is refunded).

What about spending when we were there?  We didn’t actually pay to do much.  We saw the Notre Dame Bascillica, and did some paddle boats a total of $40.  We hit the local grocery store to buy food for breakfast and lunches which was another $40.  Also, there was my cab ride back to the airport another $40.   So that is $120 for me to accompany my husband plus the $120 in gas to get to grandma’s house and back.

Total spent: $240. Not bad for a last minute trip!

Granted this was a work trip so his meals, hotel were and transportation were paid for. Because of his travel for work, I had an airline ticket for pretty much free…I am well aware this situation doesn’t work for everyone.. in fact it doesn’t work for most people out there.

But I will say that we didn’t pay to do extra since we didn’t have extra to spend… and we were still able to enjoy being some where else… It doesn’t have to be a vacation in a different country… heck I could have driven six hours east and paid about the same if I wanted to do camping or a cheap air BnB place.

I will mention though, I didn’t have an extra $240 budgeted for August! This month will be interesting and a bit tight with addition to the random trip that school is starting this month, my son’s birthday next week (in which he just informed me that he wants a birthday party) and I am having surgery at the end of the month.  We’ll see how it goes.


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