A Family Thanksgiving!? Without a Dining Room Table!?

Last year we bought a house.  It is a 1980, 2700 square feet home in more mature and safe neighborhood.  The only way we could afford such a place was that it was NOT updated.

We found out that just basic things were done to the home like new carpet, paint etc… but there is still what my kids call a “yellow” bathroom full with a yellow tub, sinks and toilet (which now has a white toilet seat with it since Walmart doesn’t produce the mustard yellow ones anymore).

So the house has been great for my family, but going from a 1400sq ft town home to 2700 sq ft has left some rooms empty like my formal dining room.


100_1443 100_1444


My dining room has a hutch, which is filled, a nasty ugly chandelier, and my beautiful African women painting that I bought at Ross a couple of years ago.  It’s my favorite piece of artwork that I own.

Anyway, last week my in-laws mentioned that most of my husband’s family (parents, aunt, cousins, siblings and their children) might come for thanksgiving this year….  Most of our family is at least a 6+ hour drive away and we only see them all once or twice a year.

We thought, “Oh cool, we typically are the ones who drive over. It would be fun for them come here.”  (It probably makes a huge difference that we actually have room for people now when they come and visit)

Then we thought….. well wait we don’t have a dining room table, nor do we have sitting space to accommodate all those guests!!!

Maybe NOW is the time for a dining room table, and our sectional!

My husband and I talked about it for a bit… but ultimately came to the realization that we don’t have an extra $2500 for a sectional or a dining room table!

Solution?  Well, we could set up our folding plastic table in the dining room and do Thanksgiving buffet style… OR I did find a bench table that would be great in our breakfast nook.  We could then move our kitchen table with leaf into our dining room and cover it with a nicer table cloth.

The bench table solve our tiny breakfast nook problem, our not wanting to spend all that money now problem, AND would give us a table in our dining room…. (if for nothing else the table would make people walk around the chandelier rather than straight into it.)

Yup it won’t be pretty…. but we’d rather put that “$2500” toward paying down our home than furnishing a dining room. The kids are still young and well, I don’t want to buy something expensive that if it got scratched or “kid marks” on it that I would get mad about.

2 thoughts on “A Family Thanksgiving!? Without a Dining Room Table!?

  1. That sounds like a good solution. Another would be to buy a used table and chairs at a thrift store or out of the newspaper/craigs list. People who are wanting to get rid of their old furnature to get new are usually just happy to get rid of the old one (they would probably pay you to haul it away) so you can get a really good price on it. Since you cover it with a table cloth anyway, you don’t need anything nice while the kids are young. Estate sales, such as when someone wants to downsize in house, are also a good place to get nice furnature at a good price.


  2. Great idea to look at craigslist and the table cloth! I was actually looking at table cloths at Walmart yesterday and thought I could use one…. but even if I didn’t have time to redo the table right now, I could leave it covered up. Thanks for the tip!


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