20 Shirts for 80 Dollars

The new school year is right around the corner!  I can’t believe summer is almost over!!!

With the new school year comes lots of back to school sales.  The sad thing about my town is that it is small…. There’s a Macy’s, Walmart, Old Navy and Ross… other than that there aren’t any choices for kids clothes.  Not to mention kids go to school with the same clothes as other kids because, well, that’s all my little town has!

Typically, we make a trip to Seattle to go shopping for school clothes.  However, this summer we have two people having surgery in our household, so we are not going anywhere this year.

Walmart is typically hit and miss for clothes, our Ross is picked through, and I only shop the clearance rack at Old Navy unless their jeans are on sale (their jean sale comes in August).

So I looked online for kids t-shirts.  I simply typed into Google’s search engine,  “cheap boys t-shirts.”

One of the first links was for Children’s Place.  I clicked it over to a tab to get to later, because really Children’s Place is WAY out of my budget normally…. normally… but not this day.

I eventually went back to Children’s Place and found that their t-shirts were on sale for $5 each and if you spent over  $75 you’d get free shipping!  I thought that was a good deal since I hadn’t found any clearance items for my son yet.  My plan was to spend the full $80 and then have a good supply of shirts.

My kids had their first taste of online shopping that day.  I think they liked it… at least they acted excited.

I went to check out, but before submitting my order, I looked online for a coupon code… and behold, there was a 30% off sale!  I had missed it being advertised on their website when I first started looking, but when I searched google for the coupon code, it came right up!

I added the code and my bill dropped dramatically…. I called the kids back up and we shopped for more shirts!

In the end I paid 80 dollars (ok it was really 84 something at the end with tax) and am getting 21 shirts!  Not too bad.  It came to around 3.50 per shirt!  That’s that’s a second hand store price- and these are brand new.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about my buy.

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